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Can the ultrafiltration membrane be filtered with high temperature water?

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Can the ultrafiltration membrane be filtered with high temperature water?

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The ultrafiltration membrane is a microporous membrane with a uniform pore size and a nominal pore size range of 0.01 micron or less. By applying a suitable pressure to one side of the membrane, solute molecules smaller than the pore size can be sieved to separate particles having a molecular weight greater than 500 Daltons (atomic mass units) and a particle size greater than 10 nm.

Ultrafiltration membrane filtration

Ultrafiltration membrane manufacturers have a wide range of industrial applications and have become one of the new chemical unit operations. It is used in separation, concentration, purification of biological products, pharmaceutical products and food industry; it is also used in terminal treatment equipment in blood treatment, wastewater treatment and ultrapure water preparation. In China, the ultrafiltration membrane has been successfully used for the purification and purification of Chinese herbal medicines and the development and use of water purification equipment, especially the PVC alloy ultrafiltration membrane developed in China, which has overcome the world problem of industrialized high-quality ultrafiltration membranes for ordinary PVC materials. The production cost and operating energy consumption of the ultrafiltration membrane are reduced, and the filtration performance and service life of the ultrafiltration membrane are improved, and it is listed as a recommended product for energy conservation and emission reduction by the State Intellectual Property Office. With the advancement of technology, ultrafiltration membranes will be improved and strengthened, and their contribution to human society will increase.

Ultrafiltration membrane manufacturers are very clear on the equipment that uses ultrafiltration membranes, that is, the ambient temperature at which they work is a very important condition, because of the long-term mixing in the filter tank, here The temperature will become higher, and the long time will be detrimental to the ultrafiltration membrane.

Because there are a lot of different impurities in this filter pool, and these impurities are very easy to react, it is known that some reactions will generate a lot of heat, and as the temperature increases, other impurities in the pool will accelerate the reaction. It also makes the corrosion significantly improved, which greatly affects the original state of the film.

In order to allow the ultrafiltration membrane to work in a very good environment, and in order to have a very good service life, it is recommended to add ice cubes to the filter tank properly. This effect is particularly good, of course, adding some cold water is also OK. As long as the purpose is the same.

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