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Ultrafiltration membrane is cleaned on time and on time

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Ultrafiltration membrane is cleaned on time and on time

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Ultrafiltration membrane is a very important component in membrane separation equipment. Because of its special role, ultrafiltration membrane manufacturers are a very important process for their maintenance. It is guaranteed that these operations are fast and efficient, and they are correct. This membrane is very harmless, which is the more critical factor.

Ultrafiltration membrane chemical cleaning

Therefore, it takes a certain time to clean the ultrafiltration membrane without damage. This time can be specified by itself or determined according to the condition of the membrane. This is all right, but it must be effective cleaning, otherwise it will become no. Operation. Don't be bothered at this time, because the ultrafiltration membrane cleaning process is very troublesome, so you must learn to operate carefully, this is a better operation, and the result of the membrane is also responsible.

Physical cleaning method:

A common use in this regard is the hydraulic flushing method. It can be divided into reverse flushing, backwashing and washing in the direction of hydraulic washing.

Reverse flushing:

Immerse the impurities in the film and in the water inlet end with raw water.


The ultra-filtered water is used to loosen and peel off the contaminants on the surface of the membrane block, and is discharged from the water inlet and the concentration port respectively (the acid, alkali or sodium hypochlorite may be added to enhance the cleaning effect).

Washing and washing:

Rinse the impurities in the inside and outside of the membrane with raw water, and clean the ultrafiltration membrane according to the operating conditions.

Chemical cleaning method:

According to the type of pollutants on the surface of the membrane, appropriate chemicals are selected for dissolution, oxidation or other chemical reactions to achieve the purpose of removal. The choice of commonly used chemicals must be selected according to the nature of the membrane material, such as acids, bases, oxidants, bactericides, surfactants, and enzyme-added detergents. The method is the same as the normal ultrafiltration process, the cleaning solution enters from the inlet of the raw liquid, and the concentrated liquid and the ultrafiltrate are all returned to the cleaning liquid container, and are discharged after being circulated, and washed with purified water.

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