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Detailed introduction

Features of water filter components

1.reasonable design fully plays the performance of membrane fiber

Reasonable filter structure design, fit for different housing, optimal filtration surface, completely lower the resistance as to maximize the usage of membrane fiber flux.

2.special technology of cropping make the products with high quality

Professional automatic end shears, products are shaped by first time, with even end surface, uniform size, and smooth water outlet to ensure the stable watering.

3.automatic line gluing guarantee the quality of products

Special automatic line gluing guarantees stable gluing with high efficiency, so as to maximize the usage of membrane fiber. 

4.Material configuration meet product security index

All the materials use safe and sanitary food rage material, enclose related food rage certification.

Zhejiang jeffel Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd.was specializes in the R&D, industry manufacture, engineering application and market promotion of the materials and products used for filtration, separation and purification. Since its inception, which has always focused on research and development to promote a variety of new materials and products were separated by filtration, the polymer separation membrane materials and equipment.

Water filter

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