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The environmental protection policy is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Jiefu MBR has repeatedly made great achievements.

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The environmental protection policy is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Jiefu MBR has repeatedly made great achievements.

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Yushugou Village, Shengshui Township, Lishui County, Jining City, Shandong Province is located in the embrace of the mountains. It is nestled next to a beautiful river, not far from a reservoir, rich in resources and outstanding. Everyone who has just arrived in the village will soon be attracted by the beautiful environment here, smoky, sloppy, sturdy and sturdy, and a paradise.

 Membrane product

One day last year, a villager suddenly discovered the water in the observation well along the road. The deeper the color, the more turbid. Then, in a few days, many children who liked to swim in the river came ashore and found that they had many red rashes on their bodies, and itching was uncomfortable. At the same time, the uncles who often fish in the reservoir gradually discovered that some fish had turned up their white belly and floated on the water. The phenomenon of dead fish in the reservoir was rare in the past and can be seen every day. The villagers immediately realized that the water body must be polluted, their homes were facing a crisis, and the health of their loved ones was in danger. So representatives sent to the local environmental protection department to understand the situation, learned that the water sample test of the reservoir showed that COD, BOD, turbidity and color were significantly exceeded. As a result, the villagers actively assisted the relevant investigators of the environmental protection department to conduct an investigation and finally found the source.


It turned out that one month before the water pollution incident, a food processing plant was officially built on the hillside of the village and began production. The wastewater discharge amount was 2,000 tons per day. Although the plant has a supporting biochemical treatment facility for production wastewater, and has been used according to regulations, the biochemical treatment of sewage is not complete, and the discharge has repeatedly exceeded the standard. Especially in the two weeks after the failure of the anaerobic tower, due to the intensive production order for two weeks, the production has never stopped, the waste water is continuously flowing, and after only aerobic treatment, the emission standard is not reached at all. However, for the sake of their own interests, the factory had to continue to discharge, resulting in serious pollution of water bodies.


The environmental protection department ordered the plant to stop production and impose relevant penalties, requiring the plant to immediately upgrade and upgrade the sewage treatment facilities to meet the Class A emission standards. Therefore, the plant began to take measures, after analysis and research, decided to introduce the domestic advanced MBR membrane, using membrane filtration technology to further deep treatment of biochemical treatment. Not long after, the villagers saw strange equipment on the hillside. The noodles were hung on the stainless steel frame, and they were hoisted into the sewage treatment tank by a crane. After a week of commissioning, the villagers were pleasantly surprised to find that the factory fulfilled their environmental protection obligations. The water in the observation well along the road was restored to the clear water. The children played happily in the small river, and the grandfather fished wildly on the side of the reservoir. "After the ‘noodles’ shipped in that factory, it’s strange to say that I won’t have a rash, and my mother no longer has to worry about swimming under the river!” The children laughed. The uncle who carried a bucket full of fish also said: "Now you can't see dead fish. Since the last time the factory used those 'noodles', the water quality improvement is obvious..."


The reporter learned that the villagers relished and gave them the same thing as the "noodles" of clear water quality, which is the filament of one of the MBR equipment introduced by the plant. According to the person in charge of the factory, the Jiefei MBR they introduced is a domestic high-tech product, which was purchased from Shanghai Peijie Filter Technology Co., Ltd. (/). MBR is a membrane bioreactor. The MBR process is a new type of wastewater treatment technology that combines membrane separation technology with biotechnology. It uses membrane separation equipment to trap activated sludge and macromolecular organic matter in the biochemical reaction tank, saves the secondary sedimentation tank, and has a small footprint. At the same time, the activated sludge concentration can be greatly improved, hydraulic retention time (HRT) and pollution. Mud residence time (SRT) can be controlled separately, while refractory materials are continuously reacted and degraded in the reactor. Therefore, the membrane bioreactor process greatly enhances the function of the bioreactor through the separation technology of the membrane, and has been widely used in the field of sewage treatment. At present, Jiefu MBR products have been running projects in food factories, chemical plants, electroplating plants, pharmaceutical factories, printing and dyeing plants, sewage treatment plants, etc. all over the country, and the operation is stable, and the water quality of the produced water is up to standard. It was through the collection and rigorous investigation of this information that the factory selected Jiefu MBR in one fell swoop and achieved a complete success in the sewage treatment work of the plant.


It is reported that other plants of the plant are also planning to introduce MBR membrane technology, adopt Jiefei membrane products, implement the national environmental protection policy, and develop the economy while the people are green and green.

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