Systematic solution to dispose and recycle industrial waste wate
Appropriate JEFFEL technology
  • We have the experience of applying membrane technology to dispose and recycle waste water for many years. Successfully, we have applied membrane to dispose and recycle variety of industrial and living waste water. For example, waste water in industry of food, pharmacy, cultivation, electroplating, and landfill leachate, living waste water, and municipal waste water

    According to different water quality, we provide clients with systematic solution to dispose and recycle industrial waste water.

    We have designed membrane components with different specification and membrane case with series of specification, to meet the clients’ requirements of disposing different water volume.
No. User Disposal volume Type of waste water Operation date
1 A electromechanical equipments manufacturer in Suzhou 1500m3/d Waste water from electroplating 2010.02
2 A Wastewater treatment plants in Wuxi 500m3/d Waste water from industry 2010.03
3 A waste-disposal plant in Sichuan 100m3/d Waste leachate 2010.11
4 A Research institute in Shanghai 400m3/d Waste water from electroplating 2010.12
5 A Large-scale Hospitals in Gansu 750m3/d Waste water from Hospitals 2011.09
6  A Printing factory in Shaoxing 10000m3/d

printing and dyeing wastewater. (Ⅰ)

printing and dyeing wastewater(Ⅱ)

printing and dyeing wastewater(Ⅲ)



7 A oil refinery in Guangxi Fangcheng Port 1000m3/d Waste water from Grain and oil 2012.01
8 A farm in Mianyang Sichuan 600m3/d Waste water from from farm 2012.4
9 A industry garden in Huizhou Guangzhou 5000m3/d Integrated waste water 2012.05
10 Business district in Bangkok Thailand 3000m3/d Integrated waste water 2012.06
11 A  large scale cement plant in Hebei


Waste water from living 2012.08
12 A Electronics factory in Zhejiang 1200m3/d Waste water from electroplating 2013.05
13 A Beverage factory in Shandong 2000m3/d Waste water from food 2013.06
14 A factory in Hebei 600m3/d Aquaculture wastewater 2013.08
15 Business district in Korea 500m3/d Integrated waste water 2013.11
16 A car factory in Beijing 1200m3/d Waste water from Painting 2014.02
17 A wastewater treatment plants in Jiansu 5000m3/d Municipal Wastewater 2014.03
18 A Large Petrochemical Enterprises in Inner Mongolia 15000m3/d Petrochemical Wastewater 2015.05
19 Shaoxing Xiao Shao printing and dyeing 3200m3/d Printing and dyeing wastewater 2015.05
20 Wujiang Maijincheng 600m3/d knitting and dyeing wastewater  2015.12
21 Orient Huaqiang 5000m3/d Printing and dyeing wastewater  Being built
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Some project cases as follows
  • Disposal volume:400m3/d
    Quantity of used membrane:2 JF4-200 modules
    Type of raw water:Waste water from electroplating Design flux:23LMH
    Technical process:
    Raw water — sorting and adjusting reservoir — coagulation sedimentation — immersed UF membrane filtration — effluent
Aerospace power research institute
  • Disposal volume:70m3/d
    Quantity of used membrane:a JF4-70 module
    Type of raw water:Waste leachate
    Technical process:
    Raw water — adjusting reservoir — sedimentation — hypoxia — aerobic — MBR — RO — effluent
A waste-disposal plant in Sichuan
  • Type of raw water:Waste water from living and industry
    Design flux:20LMH
    Technical process:
    Raw water — grill — adjusting reservoir — oxidation ditch — hypoxia — aerobic reservoir — MBR reservoir — sterilization reservoir — effluent
A waste-disposal plant in High-tech zone
  • Disposal volume:1500m3/d
    Quantity of used membrane:6 JF4-250 modules
    Type of raw water: Waste water from living
    Technical process:
    Raw water — grill — adjusting reservoir — AO — MBR — effluent
Waste water from living in a factory Jiangsu
  • Disposal volume:250m3/d
    Quantity of used membrane:a JF4-250 moduleType of raw water:Waste water from pharmaceutical chemical
    Technical process:
    Raw water — materialization — biochemistry — adjusting reservoir — micro-electrolyzation — UASB — sedimentation reservoir — UASB — aerobic reservoir — MBR — effluent
A pharmacy plant
  • Disposal volume:400m3/d
    Quantity of used membrane:2 JF4-200 modules
    Type of raw water:Waste-water from grain and oil processing and living
    Technical process:
    Raw water — flotation — hydrolyzation — aerobic — MBR — effluent
A food plant in Shenzhen
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