Drinking water is a necessity in our life,is basic component of organic substance, is a necessary substance to maintain life, keep shape of cells and consist of various liquid. Impacted by kinds of elements (such as means of storage, transmitting pipeline), our drinking water at home and works is secondary polluted in some degree. The statistics shows that there are 1 billion people are drinking polluted water in some degree

We provide famous appliance manufacturers (for examples: SHARP, Electrolux, TTI etc.) around the world with all kinds of filtration components of purifier, and design and manufacture products with various performance and specification to meet the needs of client.
◎ Excellent chemical stability, Resistance to acid, alkali and hydrolysis, and widely applied in various fields;
◎ Membrane fiber has good strength and flexibility;
◎ Change the performance by hydrophilic, has large flux and high anti-pollution ability;
◎ Less membrane formula, none addictive in the process of making membrane, and none substance dissolve out.

Performance reference
Thickness of membrane wall:40~50μm nbsp
Turbidity of purified water:≤0.2NTU
Outer diameter:400μm
Membrane pore diameter:0.1μm
Hydrophilic membrane flux:100~120L/m2×h(25℃,0.1MPa)  

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