Membrane filtration is a screening process which is related to the pore size,motivated by the pressure difference between two sides of membrane,with membrane as filtration media,under some pressure,when the stoste flows through the surface of membrane,only water and micro-molecules are permitted to pass through the micro pores,while the substances larger than micro pores on the surface of membrane are intercepted on the side of inlet solution,and becomes concentrated solution,thus achieving the separation and concentration of stoste.
  • ◎ Separation and concentration under normal temperature and low pressure lead to low energy consumption,and low running cost of equipments.
  • ◎ Small volume equipments,simple structure,and low investment cost.
  • ◎ The process of membrane separation is a simple process of transmit liquid under pressure,technological process is simple and easy to operation and management.
  • ◎ As a kind of filtration media,membrane is homogeneous non-individual body made from high molecule material,with physical methods of filtration,there is no qualitative change in the process of filtration.
     The above features contribute to the widely application of membrane concentration and separation. According to the measurement of separated granule or molecules and the structure of the membrane,the process of membrane separation are divided into MF,UF, NF and RO. The PPMF membrane components and PES UF membrane components with different intercepted molecules flux are widely applied to organic concentration and separation in industry, such as chemical industry, pharmacy, biotechnology and so on. Moreover, as re-treatment technology of RO, they could be applied in the field of concentration and separation.
No. Use Propert Disposal Volume(t/d)(t/d)
1 An aloes Co., Ltd in Jiangs Feed liquid separation 48
2 A drink company in Guangdong Tea drinks separation 960
3 A winery in Ningbo Wine filtration 96
4 A metal electrophoresis Co., Ltd in Zhejian Electrophoretic paint concentration 30
5 A biology Co., Ltd in Jiangxi Fermentation liquid treatmen 48
6 A membrane technology Co., Ltd in Fujia Vinegar filtration 48
7 A environmental protection Co., Ltd in Liaoning Ground water treatmen 2016
8 A magnetic Co., Ltd in Zhejiang Electrophoretic paint recycling 2.4
9 A biology technology Co., Ltd in Zhejiang Fermentation concentration 40
10 A food technology Co., Ltd in Beijing Tea filtration 48
11 A industry Co., Ltd in Taiwa Ultra-filtration equipments 120
12 A Chinese medicine research institute in Zhejiang Medicament separation 24
13 A biology Co., Ltd in Shenzhen Medicament separatio 480
14 A medicine Co., Ltd in Zhejiang Medicament separation 90
15 A medicine Co., Ltd in Zhejian Chinese medicine filtration 24
16 A medicine Co., Ltd in Zhejiang Pharmacy purified wate 72
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