When applied to completely purify supply water, immersed CMF/CUF could replace traditional water disposal technology such as coagulation, sediment and filtration, which shortens the technological process of water purification. This technology is another membrane applied technology follows R&D and applied. Our company has researched, developed and applied membrane filtration technology under low pressure for many years.
Appropriate JEFFEL technology
In the reconstruction of water plant,the applied typical technological process of immersed UF technology are as follows:
 Raw water——coagulation——immersed UF membrane filtration——clear-water reservoir——effluen;
 Raw water——coagulation sedimentation——immersed UF membrane filtration——clear-water reservoir——effluen;
 Raw water——coagulation sedimentation——sand filter——immersed UF membrane filtration--clearwater reservoir——effluen;

Advantages of immersed CMF/CUF technology under lower pressure:
 Stable system,turbidity of water is lower than0.1NTU
 Energy saving
 The quality of effluent water reaches GB5749-2006 “The Standard of Drinking Water in Life
 Saving occupation,especially suit for the reconstruction of old water plant and building new water plant
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