With the increasing tension of fresh water supply, recycling process of water is drawing more attention, that is, disposing of waste water should not only focus on harmless discharges, but also need to do advanced treatment, to become valuable fresh resource. Recycling of city wastewater and industrial waste water is becoming a trend of global development. CMF/CUF is an important and efficient technology in industry and recycling water.

According to quality of raw water, we provide clients with complete solution to dispose of water by testing or our applied experience. Meanwhile, JEFFEL has developed series of membrane components which are applied to CMF/CUF.
  •  Pretreatment and past treatment of reverse osmosis, raw water includes seawater, surface water, well water, waste water and so on.
  •  Dispose of drinking water in cities, villages, and towns
  •  Recycle condensate water, dispose of food and drinking processing wate
  •  Remove heat source from pharmacy water
  •  Municipal water, dispose of surface water and well water for drinking and using
  •  Recycle and utilize the waste water after advanced treatment
No. User Property Disposal flux(t/d) Note
1 A electronic plant in a city of Liaoning Boiler feed water 3500 finished
2 A electronic plant in a county of Liaoning Boiler feed water 2400 finished
3 A petrochemical plant in Shandong Boiler feed wat 5760 finished
4 A large petrochemical enterprise in Hubei Boiler feed wate 7200 finished
5 A electronic plant in Shandong Boiler feed water 2450 finished
6 A environmental protection Co., Ltd in Dalian Ground water treatment 2016 finished
7 A environmental protection Co., Ltd in Suzhou RO Pre-treatmen 960 finished
8 A environmental protection Co., Ltd in Henan RO Pre-treatment 3840 finished
9 A Biology project Co.,Ltd in Shandong Ultra-filtration equipment 385 finished
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