MBR is a new technology to dispose of waste water, which combines the membrane separation technology with biology technology. With the equipments of membrane separation, MBR intercepts the activated sludge and macromolecular organic substances in the biochemical reaction tank, which increases the density of activated sludge without secondary sedimentation tank, respectively controls the HRT and SRT, and the refractory substances are continuously reacting and degrading. Therefore, MBR greatly strengthens the functions of MBR by the technology of membrane separation. Comparing with the traditional biology methods, MBR has the advantages of high biochemical efficiency, high capability of bearing shock load, stable outlet water quality, small occupation, long spoil disposal cycle, easy to control automatically, which is one of promising new technology to dispose of waste water.
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 Ultra-filtration is dealing with substance selective separation through the membrane surface of micro-cellular structure. When the liquid mixture flows through the membrane surface under some pressure,micro-molecule solute passes through membrane (called as ultra-filtration liquid),while macromolecules are intercepted,thus increasing the density of the macromolecules in the liquid(called as concentrated solution), in which way the macromolecules and micro-molecules have accomplished the separation,concentration and purification. Electrophoretic coating utilizes membrane ultra-filtration, macromolecules and mill base are intercepted, water and micro-molecules pass through the separation membrane, which is the way to purify electrophoretic coating and dewatering.
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Core technology of terminal water
  Our company is specialized in hollow fiber membrane filter of purifier, which could effectively remove the bacteria, rust, colloid, sediment, seston, macromolecule organic substance and other harmful substances. Meanwhile,it could maintain beneficial mineral substances and microelements,thus becoming purified water. We are able to create different kinds of MF/UF filter to meet the requirement of our clients.
Special separation
  Separation membrane is a special thin substance which has the function of selective transmission. It selects the substances to pass through,thus having a great effect on concentration,separation and purification. Since the membrane technology came into being,MF membrane,ion exchange membrane,reverse osmosis membrane,UF membrane,and gas membrane separation are widely applied. As it is able to achieve separation under the circumstance of maintaining original organism,efficiently concentrate and gather substance and remove impurity,easily operate,as well as tight structure,low energy consumption,simplified process,without secondary pollution and chemicals,it is gradually becoming a basic operation in industry of food and medicine.
Concentration and separation membrane components
PP de-aeration membrane component
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