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Zhejiang jeffel Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd.was specializes in the R&D, industry manufacture, engineering application and market promotion of the materials and products used for filtration, separation and purification. Since its inception, which has always focused on research and development to promote a variety of new materials and products were separated by filtration, the polymer separation membrane materials and equipment. Eph JEFFEL brand''s commitment to clean municipal sewage and industrial wastewater treatment and reuse. The Company to "Zhejiang University membrane and water treatment center" for technical support, "academician expert workstation" by academician Gao Congjie for academic leaders, have a master''s degree Bo mainly composed of technical research and development team in wastewater treatment and reuse, water purification, solution concentration, extraction and recovery, liquid degassing, and other fields have achieved a wide range of applications, to meet the user for water filtration, phase separation of a variety of needs.
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We have a producing history of 21 years
Is an industrialized basement of Zhejiang University “membrane and water disposal technology”project research center of Ministry of Education
We possess “working center with academicians and specialists” which is leaded by academician Gao Congjie
Possess“China Technology Market Association, Filtration and Separation Specialized Committee,Air Filter Test Center ”and professional research organization——“Hangzhou JEFFEL Membrane Technology Co., Ltd”
Patent and Honor
Patent and honor belong to the endeavor and achievements of JEFFEL in the past,and witness the diligence and pains from all members in JEFFEL. We shouldn’t immersed in the past,and never move on. We profoundly realize the commitment,and based on our patent and honor,we will do the best to improve the water around us to benefit mankind.
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